The Spacekins came to my dog and I one day on a deserted beach.

Over time, these walks with The Spacekins (and my dog) became litter picking missions, and by summer we were regularly filling several large carrier bags with refuse of all descriptions on each visit.
Some of this went for recycling, but among the unwanted and discarded, I began to see strange machines, flickers of half-formed beings and fragments of spacecraft, evolving in the collection that I had amassed.

On our subsequent visits, I began to think of the coastline as "The Asteroid Belt" - home of The Spacekin people, a transitory world of drifting space rocks, a world beleaguered by a regular tide of strange and mysterious debris.

Gradually, the population grew...

The Spacekins themselves are the main inhabitants - tiny, space-suited beings obsessed with exploration and discovery, but each with their own peculiar drives, loves, and failings.

"The Dirty Gherkins" (giant vessels that regularly pass through The Belt - dumping huge amounts of rubbish, before departing for who knows where.)

And "The Tea Time Tribe" - a sinister, confection-obsessed band of former Spacekins, now adrift on a rogue cluster of asteroids, periodically but unpredictability bringing sugar-coated terror to the Spacekin realm...

I really hope that you will enjoy viewing these, my illustrations, every bit as much as I have enjoyed creating them.