So glad I came to your exhibition on Friday evening. Your work is both clever & amusing. Well done. 

Eric Honzek

 Ryan's work is an other-worldly experience. Surprisingly so, given it's made from the minute debris of ours, but reimagined beyond simplistic recycling. Bright, colourful and full of whimsy, it will put a smile on the dourest of faces. 


 Seeing your work in the flesh so to speak was a delight and certainly put a smile on my face. Thoughtful pieces, yet amusing. The models are amazing!!! 

Mike Samson
Artist and Owner at York Street Gallery, Ramsgate

 Splendid! I'm honoured to be supporting such a talented, creative and exciting project! 

Bev Serafinowicz
Spacekins Fan

 Excellent work and a fascinating project, we would love to help you get The Spacekins into space! 

Harry Spring
Co-founder at "Send My Stuff Into Space"

 It was an absolute pleasure to host you and your Spacekins, they are such a great bunch of guys, playful, whimsical and with a purpose. I can't wait to see them out amongst the stars up to their usual frolics. 

Phil Oldfield
Proprietor, The Front Room Gallery, Ramsgate

 More than genius. Multi-generational in appeal, the artwork rolls back boundaries, putting a magic spell on pollution to turn it into a loveable universe, characterful and quirky. 

Ally Dodd
Spacekins Fan

 I really enjoyed Ryan's exhibition. Quirky, clever, humorous, imaginative and eco friendly what more could you ask for? 

Mary Lou Robinson Sharrock
Spacekins Fan

 Very enjoyable! Thank you! 

Adam A. Weller
Spacekins Fan

 What an imagination! 

Lesley Gray
Spacekins Fan

 Great show, Ryan! 

Jo Turner
Proprietor, Turner-Rowe Gallery, Ramsgate

 Always a pleasure to see your work! 

Peter Rackley